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Mum works from home, child is ill. SEND HELP!

The last couple of weeks have not been fun.
As I reported in #Project365, Zach has been poorly and now, after repeatedly being coughed in the face, so am I.
Several times I have been near breaking point. I have also been dealing with an allergy and am dosed up to the eyeballs with steroids which thankfully have ended the symptoms but not found the cause.

The main problem I have had is that the majority of my paid employment is conducted at home. The home which contains a poorly little man who demands constant hugs and 100% attention. Plus the usual childcare, cooking, cleaning etc that I try to fit in every normal day as well.
The newborn days of baby naps and sitting peacefully are long gone. A small snotty person is permanently attached to my lower leg, rubbing snot  and tears into my jeans. He can chase after me. He is quite heavy to hold in one arm whilst using the other to complete tasks.
Quite rightly, he wants his mum.
Even I wanted my mum last year when I was struck down with vertigo.
A mum can make anything better. The reassurance that comes from before birth, the heartbeat that was your first sound, the arms that first held you.
But this mum has to work.
I have to go out to meetings. I have to sit at the computer and type for hours. I also have to cook, clean and look after Matthew and Anya.
Meanwhile, Zach’s wracking cough means that night times are also not my own. I have been scrunched up in his toddler bed night after night, meaning I am exhausted before the day even starts.
The fact that I am not in full time employment means that I can give the children the time and love they need especially on occasions like these when they are ill. I would feel awful letting down an employer and my colleagues by having to take time off to care for my family due to illness.
Yet I feel my responsibility to my employers even though it is part time. I have deadlines and expectations placed upon me which I need to fulfil.
Last year when I had vertigo I still went to work, relying on colleagues to transport me as I was unable to drive. Working at the computer in short bursts but feeling frustrated at the slowness of myself.

Work-life balance is difficult to manage at the best of times but when illness is added into the mix it can feel impossible and overwhelming.
I hate being ill as a mum and having to keep going for the sake of my family. 10 years ago I would have snuggled down in bed with a cuppa and a book, got plenty of sleep and waited to get better. Now I soldier on.
Your own illness is always easier to cope with than someone else’s. Feeling helpless when your loved ones are ill is simply awful. The fear, worry and dread whilst watching someone suffer can be almost crippling.
Thankfully we are all on the mend now. We are back to taking our health for granted as it is so easy to do. Time to get back on track!
How do you cope with illness in the family? Any tips?


  1. It’s hard when you plan you day and it all goes up in the air! No tips, just cut yourself some slack. If it makes you feel better, we all got sick on holidays – first the kids, and then guess who from cleaning up and looking after the kids. Fortunately it was a resort and we could just stay put. But what a waste!!! Get well! #GlobalBlogging

  2. Oh yuck, it sounds like you have all been in the lurgy zone and and a working Mum from home too I totally understand how hard it is. Fingers crossed the worst is behind you and a healthy spring ahead for you and the kids #Globalblogging

  3. So sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly! Being sick with a toddler is the worst. I can remember one year my youngest got the flu, then I got it and it turned into pneumonia. I was on the couch for weeks. Poor little guy! He felt better long before I did, and I can remember having the TV on a lot during those days. We typically didn’t allow it but made an exception in this case. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Glad you’re all getting better now and hopefully normal service will resume shortly. Over the past 19 months since I’ve been ill I’ve had little physical support as I no longer have kids at home or a job to go to, but it doesn’t mean to say I don’t need a bit more help around the home

  5. I can remember when all four sons were here at home and they would all get sick, one after the other, and an entire month would go by without my even noticing it. Even now, when someone is sick, life pretty much comes to a halt, but I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to care for them.

  6. I am glad you are on the end, and hopefully, your little one is too. It is amazing how fearful of germs I have become, even after being spit on, sneezed on, thrown up on, pooped on, coughed on… immunity at last! We’ve had the weekend of sickies, and I powered through, somehow safe from it all. Maybe it’s the new mom-style hazmat suit I wear? Hugs! #globalblogging xoxo

  7. Oh, hope you all get well soon, it’s that time of the year when our immune system is at its lowest and when we haven’t seen any daylight/ sunlight in ages… Hope you all feel better soon #globalbloggin

  8. Getting sick is the worst thing ever. I have no tips to share because I do so poorly on getting sick and also doing all my responsibilities. I just wish that you will get better soon. Hang in there and go away germs go away! #GlobalBlogging

  9. I can imagine how difficult it is. Today I had pre-planned a day to work from home (which is very rare). But my son was off ill with a cold and kept wanting to chat and be comforted. For me, it was only a one-off but I totally understand how frustrating it can be for you as you work from home x #GlobalBlogging

  10. That does sound miserable, I hope everyone feels better in quick fashion! I don’t have kids and Hubster is pretty self-sufficient even when sick, but I remember when the daycare babies would get ill and I would run myself ragged trying to make them comfortable. #GlobalBlogging

  11. I can certainly relate to this… Great to hear that you’re all getting better now! I know you don’t want to let anyone down, but whether your work is full-time or part-time, and from home or not, you sometimes have to let an employer/client know that you’re ill. If you burn out (and that is a very real thing) you eventually won’t be able to keep going however desperately you’d want to. And then you’ll most likely find that you weren’t irreplacable after all, in the workplace. So try to give yourself a break from work when you’re unwell (again, I know this is hard when it’s just not in your nature). You need to last, for your family’s sake primarily, but it will benefit your employer too, in the long run xx #GlobalBlogging

  12. I am fortunate that I work part-time at a non-profit that is very understanding about me taking time off if my kids are sick. I am also a single mom and that can sometimes make it harder but my kids comes first. I really wish we could change the mentality, not just in companies, but in all of us that family should always come first and work second. But for so long, too long, it has been the other way around and that puts way too much pressure on those of us who have to care for sick loved ones or are sick ourselves. I’m glad you are both getting better though. #GlobalBlogging

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