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#Project365 week 4

Day 20: winter finally happened this week! I’d complained that I hadn’t seen many robins this winter then this one turned up in the garden for a while


Day 21: it took me ages to figure out what ‘black bread’ was but then I worked out it was chocolate spread Zach wanted!


Day 22: school trip with Anya to Windsor Castle, it started snowing on the way home!

Day 23: a tiny bit of snow had settled but it was enough for huge excitement!

Day 24: this little guy has been poorly this week so I entertained him with some phone filters

Day 25: I’ve also been ill. I have been having an allergic reaction to something for 2 months but it came to a head on this day when my eyes were badly affected and swollen (you can see the beginnings in this pic but I didn’t think anyone would want to see it at its worst!) It didn’t stop Anya making me into a unicorn Christmas tree thing with NumNoms


Day 26: my morning dose of medicines to try to sort my allergy and kickstart my body back into normality


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  1. Oh no I hope the meds are helping and the allergy is on its way out? I love Windsor Castle is such a pretty castle and is how I imagined a castle would look when I was little. I am jealous of your snow as we still haven’t had any and the boys keep getting up in the morning and looking out the window hoping for it! x

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