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The thing about sports day…

…is that I hate it.
There I’ve said it.
I am not a sporty person, I have no natural athletic ability. Sports Day was always a day of misery, no matter how the school would try to make it inclusive. Why would you want to see someone fail, as I did year in year out. Why drag my parents in to watch my misery?!
The same is not true for academic subjects. If a person is not capable of achieving an A, they can sit a lower tiered paper where they don’t look blankly at the questions but can do their best without feeling like a failure. The evidence is not out in the open for spectators.
As a parent I dread Sports Day too, but for many reasons! So this was me on Thursday:
Anya had already had her sports day last week. She is one of the oldest children and won almost every race, the same as last year.

She was celebrating her achievement but this made Matthew feel bad. He didn’t come first, second or even third in any of his races last year and was devastated 🙁 so my hopes weren’t high for this year either…
The day itself was over cast and a bit nippy noodles, just like last year. Stuck sat on a cold field is not my idea of fun. Zach wanted to get involved *rolls eyes*
Matthew ran his first race and didn’t place. It didn’t knock his confidence: I’d worked hard to tell him that taking part and trying your best was the only thing that matters!
Then he stood to do his next race. I say stood but I actually mean did a crazy dance. He needed a wee and was getting upset. Never mind that he has been sat down for 20 minutes watching the other years do their races. NOW he needed a wee and it was urgent. I ran over to the teacher and she sent him in. He wasn’t quick enough and missed his race. He saw them reach the finish line as he arrived back on the field. He headed for his seat in floods of tears. The teacher convinced the others in his group to run again once he’d calmed down.

I have mixed emotions. Of course I am happy for him, proud of him. Surprised, perhaps even incredulous. I worry about next year, will he have high expectations?
What do you think about Sports Day?


  1. I don’t have very great memories of my own sports day I kinda remember it to be somewhat humiliating? I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about my own daughter’s sports day when it eventually rolls around….

  2. I always hated sports day when I was a kid but I’ve never been athletic! But then again is the egg and spoon race really sporty ? Saying that I still probably wouldn’t be any good as an adult !

  3. I’m not sporty either but I do still sort of enjoy watching the kids. Having said that I’ve only ever been to little sports days at T’s nursery so far, next year once he has started Reception will be the real test as to how he responds to losing lol x

  4. Aww! Well done your boy!
    I hated sports day when I was at school and I’m rubbish at running….My teen follows after me to but my youngest is a runner. I love sports day again because of her. Ours was cancelled this year though, because of the rain. Hmmf x

  5. Well done Matt!
    I love sports Day. We praise kids for different things so the sporty ones should get praise and recognition too. Although, the egg and spoon is all about balance anyway! I think it’s more the fact that the kids are performing in public is more tricky for some and I don’t really like that. It’s such a tricky one isn’t it!? Lovely post and well done to both of your children. #blogstravaganza

  6. Our schools sports day was a laugh, us parents spent a lot of it watch two teachers we thought liked each other, obviously we supported the children too but we all couldnt help but laugh.

    i think its very much the taking part but the children love it when their team wins haha!

  7. How fantastic that he won his race! A proud Mummy moment.
    I LOVE sports day, but we’re a sporty family (my eldest not so much, although he is awesome at hiking and climbing). My daughter is off to secondary school in September and I will miss sports day, but hopefully I will see her playing for some school teams like her brother does.

  8. Ah well done him for persevering. Goodness I’ve always hated sports day. My youngest would cry every year until he was 8 he was that miserable at it. And it’s always difficult for them to see their siblings do better than them at something. My eldest has always had fabulous school reports, and I’m always sure that her brother compares himself. I was thrilled for him that his report came first this year, and is amazing – it’s lovely for him to have something good for himself so he doesn’t have to compare.

  9. Evelina

    Well done Matt!
    I absolutely hated sports day! I know that it’s important for children to be active and etc but considering how many people hare sports days, schools should come up with something different.

  10. I’m not really a fan of sports day but my kids seem to enjoy it, luckily they realise that it’s just fun because there have been times when they’ve won and times when they have fell on their face…literally! #KCACOLS

  11. Hi Laura, congratulations to both Anya and Matthew. Sports day isn’t a thing here which I always thought was a shame. I think it’s good for children who want to take part to take part, but no child should be forced to take part. That just wouldn’t be fun.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  12. As a child I loved sports day! I was competitive and did fairly well but I can understand why Those that aren’t sporty or competitive don’t enjoy it.

    As a teacher I found it hard work to organise but fun on the day.

    As a parent I’m yet to experience it but I can imagine I will have mixed emotions as you want your to do well but to know losing is a learning curve for them too and having twins it’s going to be challenging as one will always beat the other!

  13. As a child I hated sports day but my daughter had her first sports day a few weeks ago and loved it. She is much sportier than I ever was. I think sports day should be optional for the kids who want to join in..

  14. When my youngest son was at primary school, he attended a small village school, which didn’t have a sports field, so they were unable to hold a sports day, however there was a village show each year which included some races for the children, so we looked at this as our sports day and enjoyed it immensely #familyfun@_karendennis

  15. Hate it with a passion. Nasty memories from school which I am sure are at the root of many of my mental health issues as was bullied for not being good including by a teacher! My daughter dressed up for a sports day and then refused to start running and just stood there like a horse refusing a fence. I admired her guts at saying nope. Once walked my oldest son out of school without permission after he got upset at a sports day and at my other son’s our picnic was stolen! I know some kids enjoy them so see no reason why they cannot be optional so that kids who want to do it can opt in and everyone else can be left in peace

  16. My daughter doesn’t start school until next year so I’m not too sure how she’ll fare in sports day. She is quite clumsy and not very fast. Though, my comparison is her cousin who is ten months older than her, and will also be starting school next year. My niece is one of the oldest, my daughter one of the youngest and I see physical differences now. If this will affect her at achool I am not sure but I really hope not. #familyfun

  17. That’s great the teacher had everyone run again so he could go. I remember sports day being a day off from school so I remember enjoying it lol, I don’t really remember the competition but I hope my son is decent so there aren’t any tears eeeek! It is a bit embarrassing! Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!

  18. I think sprots day was my idea of hell too. Well done to your littles for winning something though. It must be a hard concept to learn of it doesn’t matter if you lose its the taking part. But of course it’s only human nature to want to win! Thank for linking up to familyfun!!

  19. Congratulations to Matthew! I remember loving sports day at junior school but I hated it at secondary school. It was a lot more competitive and a lot less fun. He looks very proud of himself and rightly so!

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

  20. Congratulations to Matthew on placing first. I loved sports day as I was the sporty type in school but never got competitive with it. I more saw it as a chance to run around with friends whilst my parents watched us. #KCACOLS

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