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10 years on ebay: time to sell something!

Incredibly I have now been on ebay for 10 whole years. I bought my first item in September 2007! Since then I can’t even begin to imagine how many items I have purchased!
This time though I have taken the bold step of trying to sell something…
My house is cluttered. We own much more than we need and are now having to think carefully about what we buy.
So to fund my new camera, I have decided to sell some of the things that we no longer need.
Sat at my computer typing away I can see a pile of Lego cards just sitting there. They have been there since we completed our collection way before the summer holidays started!

I checked ebay to see if there definitely would be people interested in buying them and sure enough there are!
So the first step was to enter what you want to sell. Ebay then comes up with a list of similar items and you can choose the most relevant to help with keywords and titles.
Photos are the next step, followed by writing a description, setting price and postage.
And that was it!

I couldn’t believe how easy the ebay selling process was and seriously have no idea why I put it off for so long!
I completed my listings on the computer and both listings took only a couple of minutes each but I could have used the ebay app on my phone (note to self: sell more things and upgrade phone!) to make it even quicker and easier especially with regard to the photo uploads.
I admit I am getting a bit addicted to checking for watchers and bids…
I will definitely by selling more items on ebay in the near future: I have many clothes that simply don’t fit or I have never even worn and the kids have outgrown toys which are abandoned in their bedroom (make more room for Lego!) I have also kept all of my maternity wear and the children’s clothes just in case but my head is almost ready to say goodbye to the baby days 🙁 so it is nearly time to let another new mum have them.

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  1. Wow thank you – i joined eBay 11 years ago and never sold a thing – always worry about how complicated it is etc – but you just showed me that i am missing out on selling unwanted things – thank you x

  2. We have far to much stuff too and I am trying the have a little bit of a clear out before Christmas is upon us. Although Ive not tried selling things on eBay for some time. Maybe we will give that a go this weekend!

  3. EBAY and de-cluttering is amazing! My other half had loads and loads of old games and consoles, he ended up making £2000 from it all – I hope you have just as much luck, especially before Xmas!

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