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40th birthday bucket list update

As I may have mentioned a couple of times recently… I’ve just turned 40!
OK so 4 years ago I wrote a bucket list of things I wanted to do before I turned 40. The last time I did an update, with 2 years still to go, I was doing quite well and then coronavirus happened so life has been pretty much been on hold.

Ones I completed, yay! :

Have an espresso: I HATED it
Visit Wales and Scotland: we visited both! Wales in 2018 (in the pic below, Matthew and Anya are in Wales and I’m in England with Zach!) and Scotland in 2019 (pictured below glamping at Loch Ness!)
Have a mojito and a margharita (or other cocktails): I’ve had a couple and Chris bought me a cocktail kit for my birthday so time to experiment at home!
Go to a blogging conference and meet up with other bloggers!: Major success! I have been to 5 Blog Ons, a Blogosphere Christmas event, a London Blog Event and many other blogger meet ups.

Ran out of time 🙁 :

Go to Wimbledon to watch tennis live: I had tickets booked for 2019 but it was Covid cancelled!
Try wine tasting: nope. Still drinking on my own!
Visit Disneyland Paris: on hold due to Covid and our elderly dog
Research more of my family tree and visit some of the places my ancestors lived: I’d planned to do this when Zach started school but I started work full time too
Attend a festival: no, I had arranged to attend one last summer for my blog but it was Covid cancelled.
Eat tapas: sadly, no. We’ve only eaten out a couple of times in the last year
So, ta-da! I have completed 40% of my 40th bucket list! Maybe I need to start planning my 50th list…

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