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December 2020: a month in review

2020 seems like a very long time ago as January has been pretty crazy so far!

Family: we went on a walk to admire the local Christmas lights for my dad and Chris’ birthdays in the middle of the month. We made a Christmas bubble with Mum and Dad so spent the big day with them.


Anya went back to Beavers for a socially distanced cermony to award her the Chief Scout’s Bronze badge.


Work: the lead up to Christmas is such fun in school even with covid restrictions. I was so grateful for the thoughtful gifts I was given by my class and colleagues.


Days out: no absolutely not!
Reviews: we love Fuzzikins and Anya was thrilled to review the mega dress up set where the only limit is your imagination!


A new children’s series of book about hens with plenty of personality on an allotment. Can you solve the Coop Chaos: Morning Mystery?


Food: sprouts, sprouts and more sprouts! We had so many roast dinners over the Christmas holidays!

Books: I read just over 200 books in 2020!


  1. We also haven’t ventured on any social days out. My youngest has been ill so we are distancing like bosses. Sounds like you had an wonderful month. Cannot believe we already halfway through January. #parentpower

  2. We didn’t go out a lot much in December. We did manage a visit to Kew for the Christmas lights, and that was worth it. Other than that we were mostly at home. I hope Christmas 21 is less covid filled. Ps love the jumper #parentpower

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