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Family night out at the Beavers bonfire

Last night Matthew’s Beavers group held a family bonfire with hotdogs, skits, songs and they burnt their guys they had made last week. My toes were like ice cubes but the fire was almost too hot on my face!

The whole family were invited and it certainly made Anya eager to be old enough to join (only one more year to go!) Zach love joining in and being part of the action. He clapped along with the audience and looked very pleased with himself.

Matthew has actually had a little wobble over the last fortnight about whether he wants to continue attending Beavers. He absolutely loves it but is very tired. Last night convinced him that he doesn’t want to leave and miss out on all the fun: we were all feeling tired but in a good way! I am so relieved as Beavers has had such a positive effect on him and his confidence.
Family times like this are so important. I am very much aware that Matthew will soon be at the stage where he wants to do things independently or with friends rather than with us. It makes me want to appreciate our time together even more so nights out like this are perfect for creating memories and giving them confidence to try new things.
Did you know that Beavers (and the older scouting groups) are run by volunteers? I have joined the executive committee of my local group as it is a small way to say thank you to everyone who has supported Matthew and the other local children who benefit from the efforts of these superstar volunteers who give their time and enthusiasm so generously. Please support your local Scouts with their fundraising endeavours and consider if you have any spare time to offer them (the activities are soooooo much fun!).


  1. I love that bonfire night was enjoyed but I love even more that he’s part of something bigger and outside of the family. It’s so important to be connected with the community, others and have a sense how confident they can be outside of the home. #DreamTeam

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  3. Looks like you had a great time. We missed out this year as I wasn’t very well. Next year we will make up for it. Thanks for linking up to #TriumphantTales!

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