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Ditching my jeans and welcoming summer!

A couple of weeks ago we were basking in sunshine and a mini heatwave, now I’m shivering in the rain! You’ve got to love the British weather!
I made a conscious effort to update my wardrobe ready for summer so the first glimpse of sun I ditched my beloved jeans and jeggings and got my legs out!
Here are my outfits:
I began with a bold butterfly print skirt from Tu and my Mama Be Kind t shirt.

Next was an oversized orange and pinky purple print shirt dress from TU. This is something I would never normally choose but I’m so glad I took a chance as I loved it!

I rediscovered this denim dress that I bought from Aldi last year. Zach was being super helpful while I had my photo taken…

I love this stripey dress from Primark and it is easy to dress up or down with shoes and accessories

I’m not a huge fan of bright colours but love these trousers from TU which I wore with a teal t shirt from Primark

Now you might notice that there are only 5 outfits pictured above. Oops I forgot to take pics of the other 2! But never mind they feature in the video below!

We are due more sun this weekend and I am looking forward to removing my trusty cardigan and jeans once more!


  1. You look great in your outfits. It’s Autumn here in South Africa and we heading for Winter so I’m all snug and dressed warm. But I must say I miss wearing minimal clothing without layers #stayclassymama

  2. Looking great! Love that moment you can ditch the jeans and go all summery. I sadly missed it as although we had the sun I’d booked a waxing appointment for this week so I was a tad gorilla like, keeping those legs hidden for a bit longer yet #stayclassymama

  3. Great outfit choices! Feels like I’ve been in jeans and big coat for far too long now. Looking forward to sunny days this weekend even if it does mean more grooming!! #stayclassymama

  4. Pat

    You look great in all of those outfits. I love wearing lighter clothes in the summer but i’ll be honest, I still love wearing my jeans too.

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