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Festive family fun at Lush in Basingstoke

I usually describe myself as a family blogger not a parent or mum one. I was thrilled to take my sister along to a blogging event at Lush in Basingstoke and enjoy some quality sister time together.
The instore displays of gifts are so magical and really put us in the festive mood. The limited edition Christmas products are so cute!
My favourite scent is the Snow Fairy range and is available in a wide number of products. I love the iridescent sheen to the body conditioner.
We got the opportunity to make our own bath bombs. All of the products at Lush are handmade but thanksfully not by me! My sister was sooooo much better at it than me 🙂
I knew about bath bombs but not jelly bombs. These are perfect for children (and young at heart adults!) I don’t have weird fashion sense: that is my hand on the right and my sister’s on the left:
One of the products that impressed me most was the naked shower gel. Lush believe in reducing plastic so have produced some ‘naked’ items that do not have any plastic packaging.
I love Lush’s ethos. All of their poducts are vegetarian and cruelty free and a large number are also vegan.
Thank you so much to Lush in Basingstoke for inviting us along for a wonderful evening.


  1. It’s fantastic that Lush has made a conscious effort to reduce plastic – and I love discovering their new products, I have 2 faves of theirs – this ultra fine talc that they do and Lemony Flutter (cuticle butter) which smells out of this world. I’m a #StayClassyMama!

  2. What a great night out! I love Lush and can never walk past without popping in and checking out the latest bath bombs, now if only I could find enough time for a bath!! #StayClassyMama

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