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Harry Potter is 20 ??? !!!

Goodness I feel old…

I arrived a little late to the whole Harry Potter thing. In fact, I think my grandparents owned the first couple of books before we did!
I am a true fan though because I was there at midnight at the release of the final book (21st July 2007! wow, nearly 10 years ago!)
I waited at the not-so-glamorous-compared-to-Diagon-Alley Meadows complex near my home (Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire border).
Midnight struck and the casement of books opened. I sat on a bench and waited for the crowd to dissipate then grabbed my copy. People were reading it in the queue, some heading straight for the last chapter but others starting at the beginning.
I spoke to no one that day. I sat in my bedroom and read. And read. And read. Over 600 pages, stopping only to eat. I finished it that evening and passed on my copy to my parents to consume as eagerly as I had.
I always felt an affinity with the films as the first scenes were filmed in Bracknell, very close to where I live.
I had always wanted to go to boarding school and had love the Worst Witch series of books as a child. The Harry Potter book fed into this 🙂
Now there is the train element! Dad has the Hornby Hogwarts Express and you may know by now we are huge steam train enthusiasts!

My own children are still a little young for the books and films but Matthew is getting very close to reaching the age when he will be ok with them. Shockingly, Chris has read a couple but lost interest (I wonder if now he has kids and the wonder of childhood to sustain him, he would enjoy them more!) and not really watched them either! Sacrilege! (but I forgive him, because I love him 🙂 )
The quote I love most from Rowling’s work occurs in the Chamber of Secrets:

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Doing the right thing, choosing the difficult path and making a conscious decision to see something through shows what a person is really like.
So, 20 years has passed since the original book was published. So much joy and happiness, so much pain and suffering. Me and the world 🙁 What have I taken from the books…?
Believe in magic. The magic that lives inside each of us, waiting to be found.
A single mum, writing in a cafe, can create a character that fascinated every age group, brought families together and enthralled millions. She proved the accuracy of this quote from the Goblet of Fire :

“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”

A perfect message for our children.


  1. I know!!! Where has the time gone? I used to pre-order them from Amazon so they’d arrive the day of publication, and all the kids on the street could come to have a look, lol!

  2. Wow, what a fast twenty years! I credit Harry Potter for getting my brother reading, it was the only thing that caught his attention long enough and after that he was hooked. We used to sit up all night reading them the minute they came out too!

  3. I cannot believe it has been twenty years. We are all Harry Potter fans in this house, books and films. Your photos are beautiful, by the way and now have me feeling that we need another studio tour trip #MMBC x

  4. This makes me feel soooo old as I know I was 18 when I first went to see it at the cinema. I loved it. Hoping my girls will read the books too. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  5. I literally cannot believe HP is 20 years old! I remember reading the first book all those years ago, like it was yesterday.. the magic will never die! x

  6. I loved reading the Harry Potter series, they were books you could truly immerse yourself in. I also got super excited when I moved to Bracknell and realised I was living just around the corner from the opening scenes too;

  7. I remember all the hype when the books first came out but never really got into it. I only watched the first film last year and cannot wait to read the books with T and have our own ‘Harry Potter Book club’ when he’s old enough.

  8. I just had to click on this post! I love it when there is a special anniversary for Potter – it’s a chance to remember all the happy memories Rowling has given us and there is a lot! Thanks for reminding me about the 21st… Ten Years, wow!

  9. I know!! Makes me feel really old too. I remember someone telling me about the first book, way back before Potter hype hit, and going it to the book shop having forgotten the name and asking if they could hep me find “the book about a boy who i a wizard, but he has a really ordinary name”, lol.

  10. I just don’t understand how Harry Potter can be 20 years old?? (And yet I haven’t aged a day clearly haha.) I too queued at midnight for the final book and I cried all the way around the studios tour. Such an incredible part series and lovely to read this. I think that the magic of Hogwarts will live in us always. X #coolmumclub

  11. I remember when Harry Potter first came about and everyone was crazy for it. I have never seen one film or even read the book But funny enough Id love to go to the studios.

  12. MMT

    Harry Potter is a British Institution – Good Old JK Still ROLLING she is definitely a honorary member of the #coolmumclub!
    Thanks for linking x

  13. I honestly cant believe Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is 20 years old! I remember the launch of both the books and the movies and reading through the first book in days.. I still find time to sit down and enjoy them now, and my kids are loving the films as well..
    im writing a similar post about it 🙂

  14. Wow! I saw a post on the labyrinth earlier that made me feel older… Harry Potter has really touched so many hearts over the years and it’s really inspiring to see where it came from jk is truly talented. ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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