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Is Valentine’s Day worth celebrating?

OK, so I am not the most romantic of people and luckily I have married my equal in Chris. Valentine’s means nothing to us, an over-comericalised load of nonsense. We may go out for dinner at some point in the weeks either side but definitely not on the day due to the over inflated prices and ridiculous high expectation. Although a vegan hamper and personalised tube of Love Hearts from Swizzels suits me perfectly (sneaky sweet eating while the kids are at school!)

A trend with bloggers is to feature Valentine’s crafts for children. Now I personally think this is a bit weird and feel uncomfortable.
One day I would like them to find romantic love, a soul mate, the happiness that I have (love you, Chris!)
But not now.
They are kids and shouldn’t be sending cards to those in their class or their parents. It must be devastating to give or receive with no reciprocation. I don’t want my kids to make me a card. I don’t want a plethora of red hearts adorning some craft.
In fact, why do we even celebrate St Valentine’s Day at all?
According to legend St Valentine is actually several people: as a persecuted Christian he may have cured a blind woman and written ‘from your valentine on a note on the way to execution. He may have conducted weddngs for Christians. He may have given hearts to remind soldiers of God’s love as they prepared for battle.
I asked my fellow bloggers if I was lazy to not bother with Valentine’s Day and setting a bad example to my kids. Here is what they said:

Sarah www.boorooandtiggertoo.com  We don’t tend to do much for Valentine’s Day other than a card and a supermarket meal deal. We chose to celebrate our wedding anniversary later in the year and ensure that the children get involved with that
Erica https://92three30.com/ I think it’s mostly an expensive consumer exercise, but despite that I think it’s worth making some sort of effort in the weeks close to the date. If nothing else the day itself makes you think about your relationship and the need to keep that alive and fresh, but also to appreciate each other. So I’d say use it as a prompt, but don’t go over the top.
Charlotte www.cupsofcharlotte.co.uk No, you’re showing your kids you don’t need just one day a year to show that you love you other half. We usually do a supermarket meal deal however he is away again this year
Mary https://over40andamumtoone.com I’ve never really bothered with it. I’d rather have flowers bought for me the next day when they aren’t a stupid price and the same for going out for a meal (not that we ever get to do that anyway). It was my Granddad’s birthday so I’d rather think of him on that day. I also don’t like the whole ‘how many cards did your kids get at school today’ thing


Caryl Ann http://crazytotsandme.com  I don’t think it’s a must as valentines day is definitely overrated, but I do enjoy getting the children involved and doing some crafts with them to teach them about these days. As a parent, it’s up to you if you want to tell your child that you think it’s overrated or why you don’t tend to celebrate it. Something like, mummy and daddy both know how much we love eachother and we don’t need a specific day to show eachother etc.
Jenni www.thebearandthefox.com  My husband and I don’t really do Valentines Day either, though sometimes the kids have made cards for their friends. In Finland, Valentine’s Day is a day of friendship, which I much prefer as a concept.
Beth Twinderelmo.co.uk I think it’s a personal choice and one not to get sucked into just because social media would make you believe you HAVE to do something. I say go with what you feel is right and what you want to do. My 11 year old has a girlfriend and wants to buy her a little present and that is his choice
Rebecca https://livingwithpeas.com We don’t bother with valentines either. You know that everywhere you go is going to be chocka and so much more expensive so it puts you off going out and you can have a nice evening at home planned for any day of the year!
I’ve shared valentines with my best friends etc before so I think it’s a nice time to celebrate the love you have for anyone, not just your romantic partner or spouse so if kids wanted to make a card to their friend etc i think it’s ok.

Samantha www.stressedmum.co.uk We don’t do Valentines Day either and prefer to do things throughout the year and not one day where we are expected too. We have friends who always make a big thing of Valentine Day so see if from both sides. Saying that we are going away for the weekend and enjoying some us time
Raimonda https://www.cosmomum.co.uk I think it’s a lovely day for young or new couples. Since I’ve been with my husband for a long time, for us, love day is everyday, not just on 14th of February. However, I like any excuse for celebration with my children and I’m sure we can incorporate Valentine’s Day too. We’ll be having heart shape pancakes and do some heart shape crafts. Just something easy but fun!
Katie www.mummysdiary.co.uk Myself and my husband don’t do valentines, Christmas is just for the kids and on birthdays may have a take away! I think as our children get older we will celebrate birthdays more. We do get them to make mummy/daddy a handmade card though and usually bake a cake
Tina www.thenearydiaries.com Me and hubby don’t do anything for vday we show eachother everyday that we love eachother and would rather spend the money on something else then a meal and we don’t want to force our kids into things they might feel uncomfortable doing so we are waiting till they ask
Vicki Blossomeducation.co.uk I think it’s more important that you instil into your children that love is something to show for one another every single day, not just one day of the year. Although Valentine’s Day can be a good excuse to go out for a meal, it’s the little things in life that reflect a partner’s love that mean far more

Emma Hutchinson  Https://dirtdiggersanddinosaurs.com Me & the hubby don’t tend to acknowledge valentines really, but we might cook a nice meal. The boys however had other ideas…last year they wanted to make us some treats! After they had made them, they decorated the table with heart shapes they’d cut out of paper. It was all for our romantic meal! The sentiment wasn’t strong enough for them to actually want to go to bed early though, so that we could have said romantic meal in peace! 😂
Emma Louise www.TheMiniMesAndMe.com We make an effort all year round to show love and appreciation for each-other as it’s important to do so, we don’t need a specific day for it, but being long distance a lot of the time (my husband is in the military) it’s just nice to send and receive a little something extra I think.
Zoe http://www.anordinaryfamilyof5.com/ I thought we were the only ones! We don’t bother with Valentines, and I certainly don’t do anything for the kids 😂 We know we love each other and show it in other ways. We don’t need a day to make big gestures.
Rebecca Www.thegreyhome.co.uk  We’ve never done anything and we’ve been together 13 years! We do normally get an m&s meal deal and have a movie night once the small is in bed though!
Joanna Victoria https://www.joannavictoria.co.uk Both the hubby and I dont celebrate as our anniversary is on the 4th. We do a few fun activities with our son though as I like him to learn about different celebrations.
Kate https://kateonthinice.com Loving gestures should apply every day of the year in a good relationships. Not saying I have that at all but would love to. My OH hates all big things like Christmas, birthdays etc. Valentines he has done over the years but always feels like only because I would sulk if he did not so you end up not feeling the love anyway. My pet hate is being given something direct from a supermarket promotion like a pink teddy bear or anything where there is no thought given to the gift. I once did move my OH by putting post it notes all over the bedroom wall – on each one was a memory of our time together. Long time ago now mind. So always express love, do it as the individual you and your partner are and don’t get into financial trouble by giving in to Valentine marketing exercises. Oh and flowers go up on the day apparently
Amy www.mumfullofdreams.com   I can’t stand the Valentines crafts for kids myself, Valentines is for you and your partner and it’s pretty much the only day of the year where you get to focus entirely on your relationship! Do what you both feel happy doing – don’t add extra pressure for doing other things with the kids, unless you really want to
Amanda https://mummy2twindividuals.com/ Personally I feel its so over commercialised it doesn’t mean anything to my partner and I anymore. We have our anniversary as our special day. Instead we do cutesy family stuff to make a special love day for those around us. We have our anniversary as our special day. Instead we do cutesy family stuff to make a special love day for those around us.
Sarah www.whimsicalmumblings.co.uk I LOVE celebrating Valentines Day with my kids. After all, it’s a day for showing how much you love and care about someone right? We do more for our little ones on Valentines Day than we do as husband and wife!! Who said Valentines Day was just for couples? It’s a celebration of love!
So what do you think? Is it a bit odd to involve kids in Valentine’s Day or should we be encouraging through crafts etc?


  1. This year in the run up to Valentines Day, we have been leaving little notes in our son’s room telling him things we love about him and he loved them so much that he’s been doing the same for us. It’s been a lovely, and simple, little activity to mark the occasion without going overboard. #StayClassyMama

  2. Sophie Holmes

    When I first met my husband we did go out for Valentines meals but 22 years down the line, we can’t be bothered with it at all.
    Don’t do anything about it with the kids either. #StayClassyMama

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