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Thankfulness in lockdown and the sad return of…

Sorry to be all “bah humbug” but there are actually some things that I am grateful for during lockdown and am DREADING resuming once lockdown ends.
So to get started…
Kids parties, soft play and playgrounds: ahhh the pressure to have fun! Manky soft play and the germs, outdoor playgrounds that are too hot or too cold for 99% of the year. No need to panic buy random toys for kids you don’t know too well. Freedom is absolute bliss!

Wet school runs: seriously, Zach started back at preschool last week and it rained. How did the universe know we were back on the school run?!

Packed lunches: Matt and Anya have school dinners but the rush to remember Zach’s is gratefully gone. Only problem is that he hates most food so daily packed lunches may be required when he starts school and it makes financial sense to offer it to the others too šŸ™

Washing school uniform: my white wash has been abandoned and the pressure to wash is gone, woohoo!

Shopping: we were already a fan of click and collect but now I am relishing the lack of queues, the avoidance of dawdlers. The empty shelves of early lockdown are thankfully over!


I asked my fellow bloggers what they were disappointed would be returning to their lives after lockdown:
Kasia: Not touching my jeans. Me and my yoga pants are best friends since lockdown 😂 www.ohmummymia.com
Raimy: The ability to go days without washing my hairĀ  🤣 www.readaraptor.co.uk/hatchling
Karen: Literally hardly touched my make up bag for the whole time! www.travelmadmum.com


Erica: No one judging day drinking www.thingstodoinkent.co.uk
Mandi: the school run and getting up early! Kids have all got into a pattern of sleeping until at least 9am https://bigfamilyorganisedchaos.com
Maggy: No early alarm clocks! https://www.redtedart.com/
Jennifer: I’ve not missed being mum’s taxi and carting the kids to their friends / sports / various clubs! I’ve loved the lack of schedule!Ā https://mightymamabear.com
Rowena: The working mum manic morning rush. Trying to brush my teeth whilst chucking clothes at my son. Getting to work and realising I only put eyeliner on one eye (that actually happenedĀ 😂)! Not stuck in traffic and no morning commute – I have not missed that and Iā€™ve also not filled up with petrol for almost 4 months!!!Ā https://mybalancingact.co.uk
Laura: Public transport at rush hour! Rushing home in traffic to get kids to activities. Always rushing and running trying to juggle allĀ www.themammafairy.com
Jenny: I miss the quiet roads. It was such a novelty to cycle on them with the kids, as normally it’s too dangerous on the narrow country roads round our way. https://peakdistrictkids.co.uk
Clare: I’m going to miss having an excuse to stay in every evening in my pjs! I get serious FOMO when friends normally go out but can often be secretly relieved when things are cancelled! http://www.travel-bugs.co.uk
Helen: The absolute pain in the ass that is taking toddler twins to swimming lessons where they do absolutely nothing, soft play where they escape, and shopping where they whinge or try to steal things – basically taking them anywhere!Ā www.twinstantrumsandcoldcoffee.com
How about you? What will you MISS about lockdown?



  1. I am so glad that my two are older now. They’ve grown out of soft play, the parties they go to now parents aren’t invited and I think they’d hate it if I took them to the park. hehehe
    I certainly don’t miss the school run. It is sods law, if it’s going to rain it would on the school run.
    I am not happy about having to wear proper clothes again. Jeans are so uncomfortable. lol

  2. sam

    ugh hate soft play but with lockdown, I have appreciated the slow life much more and less p;pressure to be constantly on the go. X #globalblogging

  3. I certainly haven’t missed the school run either. We started out with a brilliant routine but actually as the days passed we’ve been much more go with the flow and it’s been really nice! I’m going to miss all the fun things people have made during lockdowns like fantastic videos from museums and streaming of ballets. #GlobalBlogging

  4. Oh I hear you. We live very close to a playground and since it has re-opened my two daughters have been plaguing me to bring them. I had to give in last week and take them because another mum called me and asked to arrange a play date. I didn’t fully want to but I didn’t have the heart to say no. And now that they have been once they keep asking to go again! So it’s back to normal whether I like it or not…! #globalblogging

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