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Thankfulness in lockdown and the sad return of…

Sorry to be all “bah humbug” but there are actually some things that I am grateful for during lockdown and am DREADING resuming once lockdown ends. So to get started… Kids parties, soft play and playgrounds: ahhh the pressure to have fun! Manky soft play and the germs, outdoor playgrounds that are too hot or […]

Feeling lost in the lockdown lunacy

I feel lost. Normal doesn’t exist any more. Government advice seems to be haphazard at best and lunatic at worst. Today marked another easing of lockdown. I can now visit most shops, enjoy a trip to a theme park, get my hair cut, go to a pub or restaurant. Finally I am allowed inside my […]

Home learning week 12

Our twelfth week of learning at home! The government have now announced that there will be no further opening of schools until September so it looks like we will keep going! Not sure what to do about the summer ‘holiday’ weeks… This week Matthew’s school wanted a project on castles so I extended it a […]

#Project366 2020 week 23

Day 152: playing to win! Zach absolutely thrashed me at Monopoly Junior Day 153: at last we were able to visit my parents and spent an hour in the garden with them. My parents had got out the swingball that my sister and I played with as children and the kids loved it! Day 154: […]

Fear of missing out? Now it’s a reality

According to Wikipedia: “Fear of missing out (commonly abbreviated as FOMO) is described as a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent. This social anxiety is characterized by a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing. FOMO is also defined as a fear of regret, […]