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The Travelling Bucket List

As you have seen from my earlier post, I have been thinking about the future and writing my bucket list. Several items are travel related…
Everyone needs to plan a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. Even if you don’t actually get to go on it, or it seems completely out of your reach, the fact that you have taken the time to plan your dream can be very rewarding. Giving yourself something to aim for is definitely the best thing that you can do to get you through your day-to-day. After all, why stick with the average? When you have children, it can be easy to fall into a trap of accepting second-best, but the truth is that it’s fine to travel with kids if you’ve got the confidence to do so; you just need to make sure that you are considering their needs as well as your own.
If you have never thought about where your dream location would be, think about climate that you like and what you’re into. If you prefer beaches over cities, being active over lazing or even the other way around, there are destinations which will be able to tick all of the boxes for you if you look hard enough.
A Warm Weather Constant
If you’re after a summer when you’re escaping your winter, you will need to choose a place that is working on opposite seasons. For a lot of people, this place is Australia. Their summer months come at the end of the year, when we are traditionally swapping greetings card depicting scenes of snow and people wrapped up in scarves and gloves – so what a perfect chance to get away? The great thing about Australia is that there is always something to keep you entertained no matter what you’re into. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about a huge country here which takes hours to fly from one side to the other. There are great places to shop such as the Melbourne markets, beaches, cities, the Outback, rainforests, rivers – everything that you can think of that will be able to occupy you for the day.

Keeping On The Continent
There are so many countries that make up Europe, all with completely different qualities. There are tens of languages, hundreds of cities, thousands of sights and millions of people. The food differs from country to country, which is usually only a short plane ride away – a great excuse to really ‘go out’ for a meal. The Eurostar gives us an amazingly easy access route to a good handful of these delightful places, which is a lot easier to be able to transport children around by. Of course there is an excitement from travelling by plane, but this can quickly be pushed to one side if the children are tired, anxious or want to get up and move about when they can’t (think about seatbelt restrictions). There are so many different climates to discover all across Europe that it’s hard to pinpoint just one particular location. The further south you venture, the warmer it will be, but this doesn’t mean that tripping across the continent in the summer means that you won’t be getting the better weather in the north.
Whatever you do and wherever you go, have a great time!

*collaborative post


  1. I’ve got my bucket list sorted and I’m ticking things off slowly… Tomorrow I fly out to Jordan, where I’m going to take a trip to Petra, so I’m sure that won’t disappoint! x

  2. I need to put one of these together, we haven’t done much travelling aboard with the kids yet. However we are finally going this summer to Denmark and Sweden and I can’t wait!

  3. I have so many places I’d love to visit it’s unreal! I need to win the lottery though to be able to see them all! We did the big Disney trip this year (once in a lifetime) so i think our next break will have to be a short-haul European getaway!

  4. Gingey Bites

    I need to write a bucket list, you’ve inspired me! And we just got back from 7 months travelling (including 4 months in Australia), it’s a dream destination for sure!

  5. I love going away in Europe as you can do weekends away and you can generally get a good price for them but Australia, Bali and an African Safari are three of my biggest bucket list places x

  6. My bucket list is a never growing thing but we are trying to tick at least one thing off a year. The trouble is lack of money! Now, where is that lottery fairy??

  7. We’ve managed to do a couple of amazing bucket-list destinations with our children but it does take years to save up. But now I feel that I want the bucket list experiences more than the destination, so some of my dreams come true quite close to home.

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