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A date with Ollie: dog walking in style this winter

This is Ollie, our gorgeous border collie.

He is a rather elderly gentleman but often forgets and acts like a puppy.
He is wonderful with the kids who he tolerates marvellously, although I do wonder if he thinks wistfully about the quieter days in his youth.

Ollie loves being part of a family and wants to be part of the action whether it is sitting watching the TV, eating a meal (ever hopeful for scraps!), or playing in the garden.

The children are always desperate to take him for a walk. We live by a river so it is the obvious choice but often gets waterlogged.

In the winter months I am always reluctant to go outside but Chris and Ollie go out whatever the weather!
With my new purple winter jacket and purple walking boots I have no excuse to hide indoors this year!
Plus I look super stylish in my favourite colour while staying warm and cosy whatever the weather throws at me!
Of course, Chris looks pretty good too in his new winter jacket and walking boots 🙂

Where will your boots take you this winter?

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  1. I have Ollie’s twin (sort of) here in the US! My dog Benji looks so much like Ollie, except where Ollie is speckled, Benji is mostly white. Benji also still thinks he is a puppy, even though he is 12 years old! This leads to falls and collisions sometimes. Your Ollie is adorable!

  2. joy

    i like that your shoes and jacket match and your website background color obviously a favorite color? 😀 and Ollie looks so handsome and lovely. My older dog is in his extra years according to his vet but we have a young dog who’s helping keep her young. 😀

  3. Beautiful dog and amazing breed. Had one many years ago and now have a Collie-Shepherd cross who is adorable. I love your coat and the colour. Good to get out even when the weather can be a bit off-putting in the colder months. Always feel better for it myself #GlobalBlogging

  4. Walking is such a big part of my life but not being a dog owner I always do feel a bit like the odd one out as 99.9% out walking have a four legged friend in tow. I much prefer walking in this weather than the heat of the summer – I am a lover of purple too and like the boots and jacket. Thanks for hosting. #GlobalBlogging

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