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Clippasafe Walking Harness and Reins

Whilst out on our day out on Saturday, we got the chance to let Zach loose using his reins for the first time. The reins I had for Matthew and Anya were broken so I had to search for a new set. I picked these from Amazon.

We got them out of the box the night before so that we had a chance to adjust them properly. Zach LOVED them! In fact, it was a bit of a battle to get him to take them off again before bath time…
Anyway, at Donnington Castle it became obvious we couldn’t get the buggy up the stony path so the reins were quickly and easily put on and Zach was off!

I know some people are critical of reins and the comparison with Ollie on his lead was obvious (Ollie is better behaved though!) But for me it has always been a safety issue. I can help him falling, stop him from walking into the road, teach him to be aware of his surroundings. Yet he still retains the element of freedom and can set his own pace.

The Clippasafe reins are suitable from age 6 months to 4 years, there is certainly a lot of room to grow. They are comfortable to wear and use. We used the reins in a loop but for older children you can unplug one clip and have the reins long, allowing more freedom whilst retaining the feeling of safety.
The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed I am wearing my dress from Aldi and my TU shoes!

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  1. I have to say we never got on with a harness although I was praying the little one would just come to like wearing it…she absolutely loathed it! She has always been strong headed like that much like her mother lol!

  2. Hi, it looks like you had s fab time exploring Donnington castle thanks to the help of the reigns. They look like great value #sharingtheblogginglove

  3. I never used these with my kiddies but you make some good points there about setting their own pace, feeling freedom & of course the saftey issue. Cute dress by the way, thanks for letting us know where you got it! x

  4. Jasmin N

    I’m one of those critical people 😀 I completely understand why people are getting these to their kids & I can see how it’s a whole lot safer outside & crossing the road but I could never put one on my kid. I believe that if I want to have a dog, I’ll buy a dog 😀

  5. I couldn’t go out without the girls on reins as they both run off in diff directions. Luckily they both love wearing them. It might have helped that I tell them they are real fairies with them on! lol I’ll give anything a go!

  6. We’ve had backpack reins that we’ve used with boy boys. We didn’t use them for long with Toby but I think there’s a window when they’re really useful, when they’re mobile and fast but have no awareness of danger and can’t be relied upon to stop when you tell them! These ones look like a good basic pair that will do the job for as long as you need them #SharingTheBlogLove

  7. Pen

    I definitely think reins are a good idea and certainly don’t share the views of those who have anything against them. Cygnet use to lie down on the pavement when I put them on him though. I don’t have anything against reins but I’m not sure that using the reins to drag my child along the pavement would have been the best idea. Thanks for the review. Pen x #RVHT

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