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Sheaqueous cream by Sheabynature patch test and initial review

I have always suffered from eczema, dry skin, sensitive skin and allergic reactions so am well used to aqueous cream. I have also had to use it on all three of my children at some point or another. Anya had terrible eczema on her face when she was about 6-9 months old and we thought we’d tried everything!
But we didn’t try this! Sheaqueous cream by Sheabynature is actually an aqueous butter. According to the website it is PH balanced and toxicologically assessed SAFE for babies, children and pregnant women. Everyone in fact! Unlike other aqueous creams on the market which I have tried in the past, Sheaqueous does not contain petrochemicals. Its is a vegan product and not tested on animals.

I applied to test Sheaqueous as I have very dry skin on my knees, elbows and feet (too much time playing with the kids on my hands and knees or running around after them!). However, when the pot arrived I noticed small patches of eczema on Zach’s legs (I blame the baby bubble bath I used last week 🙁 ) and decided to try it out on him as well.

I did a patch test on us both, as recommended by Sheabynature before using any product. Neither of us had any adverse reaction so 24 hours later I applied it to the dry areas of my skin and the sore bits or Zach’s.
The butter feels different to usual aqueous creams because it is thicker and seems richer. It absorbs straight into the skin, leaving no residue and no oily feeling on the hands. There is a very faint aroma which comes from the natural products included rather than a chemical fragrance, hurrah!
Later I had a bath (no products used, just water) and when I got out I noticed that my knees had started to peel ever so slightly as if the dry skin was rubbing off. I’m hoping that it is the dry dead skin being replaced by fresh new skin from underneath as the butter penetrates the layers.

Keep watching out for updates on our findings of how the Sheaqueous cream is working for our family!

*I was sent a sample pot for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and photos are honest and my own.


  1. I have eczema too. I find aqueous creams a bit too gooey for everyday use. I tend to use coconut oil on dry patches. It works brilliantly
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

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