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Vremi silicone ice cube trays and red whistling kettle: review and giveaway!

These ice cube trays and kettle are a fun colourful addition to any kitchen.
Let’s begin with the ice cube trays…


When I was weaning Zach, I broke all of our hard plastic ice cube trays trying to get his purees out, often chipping away or twisting them until they cracked and became unusable.
How I wish I’d had these Vremi silicone trays! BPA free and safe for weaning foods. There is no hassle to remove the ice cubes (I cannot begin to tell you how excited Chris got about the flexibility of them!) and they have a lid to keep contents protected.
Next: the kettle.

I’ll admit this was smaller than I expected but it is so fun! I have never had a whistling kettle before and didn’t really know what I was doing! But once I’d figured it out, the kettle worked perfectly and I had a lovely cuppa.
And now you have your own chance to win both the ice cube tray AND the kettle: enter below. Good luck!

Win a Vremi Kettle and Ice Trays #12

*I was sent these items for the purpose of this review. I have given my honest opinions about the products, all text and photos are my own.


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