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#Project365 week 16 back to school and glorious sunshine

After a lot of rain isn’t it typical that now the kids are back at school the sun comes out!
Day 105: thanks to the helpful people who commented on #mysundayphoto post and told me it was a camellia but still some confusion why the white flowers of previous years now how red flowers amongst them and some flowers are white with a couple of red petals! Weird nature!

Day 106: bright sunshine and I hung washing outdoors for the first time in months. Luckily those looming foreboding clouds didn’t bring rain, yay!

Day 107: Zach started preschool!

Day 108: this week Zach has been a nightmare of slowness! 5 minutes before the school run and he is still at the table having breakfast whilst still in his pyjamas

Day 109 : Matthew started his Cubs adventure and his smile was just as huge when he got home!

Day 110: for some unknown reason Anya has been thrilled to wear her summer uniform. Despite the heat though she was worried about getting cold and wore a vest!

Day 111: you may have seen in my earlier post that we had frogspawn on our garden path. We rescued it and managed to save about 100 tadpoles! Today we said goodbye as we took them round to my parents’ pond. Good luck little frog babies!


  1. I hope Zach enjoyed preschool, I attempted to put my washing out twice this week, both times I found clothing on the floor as Merrie decided to jump up and pull them off the line! I always have one child slower than the rest, although it does change quite often who it is!

  2. I have loved having the washing on the line….
    Zach is such a cutie! I hope he is settling well into preschool.
    Top tip. lol I have leaned over the years to get my girls dressed for school before breakfast. Anything spilt can be wiped off with wet wipes. If we’re running late a breakfast bar of muffin will be eaten on the way.

  3. there are lots of washing on line photos and ‘what’s this called?’ on my timeline on instagram this week. How on earth did frog spawn get onto your path in the first place? Great rescue

  4. Zach looks so happy, starting the preschool. How kind of you to save all the tadpoles, they would definitely need big space. The camellia flower looks wonderfully bizarre, as if it couldn’t just decide on the colour.

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