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#Project365 2019 week 16

Day 104: Matthew has rejected dinosaurs and is now back to his first love: trains! Zach loves being able to run trains on my dad’s track too.

Day 105: a day of disasters 🙁 We went to Maidenhead. Zach was sick in the car. We went in Clarks and I discovered I’d left my purse in the car and we had to rush back and get it. Made it back to Clarks as they called our number but they moved on to the next customer.
Turned up to the blogging event that was the purpose of the visit and the PR hadn’t passed on our details so they weren’t expecting us. Decided to take the kids to McDonalds but no seats and a horrendous queue so we went back to the car.
Headed to McDonalds in Bracknell, queued for 25 minutes, sat outside to eat and the kids just wanted to go to the playground. Here they are being pirates!

Day 106: a trip to Kidzania in London. Fun of a train ride to get there and back, then lots of fun inside as they tried to be police and other careers including recipe developers below.

Day 107: the kids can never spend too much time with their cousins, so despite seeing them 3 days last week we went to see them again!

Day 108: beautiful blue skies and the shrieks of laughing children at Carters Steam Fair

Day 109: a chilled out day in the garden. Not sure what fashion look Zach is going for (90s maybe), or why he looks so grumpy…

Day 110: this trip was all for me and my passion for history! I last saw the Mary Rose about 20 years ago whilst at sixth form. Back then, it had to be kept constantly wet but now it has been preserved and the new museum is brilliant for bringing the life on a ship to life. Particularly poignant is the exhibition about the personal artefacts and remains of the crew.


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  1. Sorry to hear your day out didn’t work as planned. The train tracks are brilliant fun! Love the fair photo, I can almost hear the laughter and squealing. And lol @ grumpy Zach, oh boy, he’s cute.

  2. What a busy week! No wonder you said you were exhausted on twitter! Sorry to hear about the day of disasters, I have had that issue before with PRs and upset kiddos as a result. Hope you got it sorted. Love Kidzania I really need to take Monkey and make use of his annual pass which he got for Christmas. Looks like fun enjoying the sun in the garden. Hope the first week back at school went okay x

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