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#Project365 2021 week 29

Day 199: love this photo of Anya being crazy and Mum’s face in the background 🙂 She actually sellotaped it to her forehead!

Day 200: the start of the final week of primary school for Matthew. He allowed me to walk a little way in with him

Day 201: first school sports day for Zach

Day 202: Zach has shown no interest in riding a bike until this week and he cycled all the way over to Mum and Dad’s.

Day 203: flying ant days this week and we managed to see at least 30 queens on the pavement. We caught 3 to start our new colonies and they have already laid eggs! Can you spot them in the middle of the pic?

Day 204: end of term! I’ve completed my first year back working fulltime. Matthew has finished primary school, Anya has finished her first year of juniors and Zach has finished his first year of infants!


Day 205: double jabbed! Great way to start the summer holidays, along with a gloriously cool run in the rain

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  1. hehehe! That first photo did make me smile. It’s so full of fun.
    Aww! Good on Matthew for letting you walk some of the way to school with him and I hope Zach had a fab sports day.
    We haven’t had any flying ants here this year. Last year we were plagued with them invading our house.
    Congrats on the double vaccine. x

  2. That first photo of ‘not Anya’ and your mum made me chuckle. Lovely to walk Matthew to school and well done to Zach for riding all the way to your mum and dad’s. Hope he enjoyed his first sports day. Lovely photo of your three all together and glad you are now double-jabbed. #project365

  3. Yay for the double jab. What a momentous week for you all. We had a lot of ants in our garden and many had laid eggs. Anyas message on her forehead made me laugh. Well done Zack for learning to ride and for going so far on your first go!

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