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#Project365 2021 week 36

Day 248: first big shop in a supermarket since January and spotted the Lindor pick and mix! I’ll have to bring the kids some time…or not!
Day 249: first day back at school. Matthew started year 7 and his new secondary shool. Anya has moved up to year 4 and my baby Zach is now a big old year 1!
Day 250: coo,what a scorcher!
Day 251: happy 42nd wedding anniversary to my parents
Day 252: a day of sun, showers and the first (tiny) leaf of autumn
Day 253: Anya was elected onto the school council and had her first meeting
Day 254: when you’ve all survived the first week and can’t decide between KFC and McDonalds… have both!


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  1. Love their first day back photo. Anya looks so much more grown up than year 4. I’ve never seen a branded pick and mix like that before. We’re not big on Lindor here – I find it too greasy.

  2. Ahh what a lovely school photo, the weather has been all over the place hasn’t it! We also have a tendency to get both too as someone loves KFC and someone doesn’t! I did not know you could get that in a supermarket, I need to look!!! They are my favourite.

  3. Oh, that Lindt pick and mix, glad we don’t have it locally, too much of a temptation! The kids look so grown up in their uniforms, especially baby Zach, how can he be in year 1 already! Hope the return to school was stress-free. Is Matthew finding it totally different now in the secondary school?
    Happy anniversary to your parents!

  4. Gosh you’re a real mix of your mum and dad. Happy anniversary to them both. Love the back to school photo, they look so smart. Hmmmm think I’d give the Lindt pick and mix a wide berth with the kids, bet it’s really expensive

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