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#Project365 2021 week 41

Day 283: a last minute afternoon out at a model railway exhibition


Day 284: children’s mood for a Monday?


Day 285: autumn is in the air despite warm temperatures! The leaves are finally turning…


Day 286: I’m back into cross stitching cards when I get the time
Day 287: oops, we got an accidental McDonalds for the second week in a row but heartily approve of the Mr Men toy (wondering what the book option was, need to order again…?)

Day 288: Anya has love playing with her Glo Up Girl which we are reviewing
Day 289: current mood = Walking Dead zombie. I decided against including a pic as it isn’t pretty (scene from show, not me!)
Day 290: party time for my great niece! Happy birthday Daisy!

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  1. Good lord, you have a great niece. You seem so young for that! Ooh I really fancy a MacDonalds now. We’ve not had one for a while, but now they don’t do the plain grilled chicken salad, I can’t have anything unless I remove the bun. Seems a bit of a waste of money now.

  2. Anya is so pretty, she always makes me think of Thomas Lawrence’s portraits of children and young ladies.
    Nothing wrong with a McDonalds treat. My guys love it, though we have it rarely.
    The autumn leaves are beautiful, our Virginia creeper on the house is turning all shades of red now.
    Love your cross stitch project.

  3. I am with them on the Monday feeling! Yay for starting the cards that very impressive. I need to give Christmas some consideration sooner rather than later. We are also fans of the Mr Men in the happy meals at the moment.

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