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#Project365 2022 week 18

Day 120: laundry. I can’t decide if it is a constant friend or a spectre that lurks in the background

Day 121: cormorants sitting majestically. I wish I’d got my proper camera instead of just my phone 🙁

Day 122: bank holiday fun at the playground

Day 123: walking to cool down after my run and the Cheeky Girls start playing. I must have looked odd giggling like a loon before 7am!

Day 124: another day, another empty laundry basket. Or maybe not so empty, eh Zach?!

Day 125: not what I wanted but my daily vomiting has begun to really upset the kids so two new meds to try to sort me out

Day 126: anyone else loving the smell of freshly cut grass and then hating the hayfever?

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  1. Hope the antisickness meds work. I feel like I’m always doing washing too – well, more like living in a laundry as we’ve always got something drying. Thankfully only 3 people to wash for though

  2. Ahh! I always have piles of clean washing laying around. At least you can pat yourself on the back and say at least it’s washed.
    That roundabout at the park looks like so much fun and Zach in the washing basket did make me chuckle.
    Oh no! You vomiting every day doesn’t sound good, I hope the new meds help. Hay fever has kicked my backside today with everyone cutting their grass, it does smell so good though. x

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about the vomiting, I hope the meds sort it out for you. The laundry pile seems to be self building in our house and there’s only the two of us.

  4. Laundry is one of those jobs that is never-ending isn’t it? Nice to see an empty one filled with Zach – I’m not sure I ever see the bottom of mine!! Love the photo of the cormorants. Sorry to hear about the daily vomiting – hope the new meds help with that. #project365

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