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#Project365 2022 week 36

Day 248: Anya enjoyed her new Cutetitos that we were sent to review

Day 249: final day of the summer holiday and Anya and Zach got absolutely filthy playing with mud

Day 250: obligatory back to school photo as the kids began years 2, 5 and 8

Day 251: new culinary adventures beckon… we have an air fryer! Finally the kids will eat oven chips!

Day 252: another giggle from Duolingo! Have they met Anya, or what?!
Day 253: a day we as a nation all dreaded but the Queen’s legacy will live on in her family and in her people

Day 254: I won’t lie, I blubbed through His Majesty’s first address to the world. His emotions were raw yet he spoke with dignity. God Save The King!


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  1. Cutetitos are very cute.
    The kids are looking very grown up for their first day back at school and your air fryer looks very fancy.
    I cried at the Kings speech too, I feel so sad for him. I just want to give him a hug. x

  2. Love the back to school photo. I fancy a similar airfryer, but I just have no storage or worksurface space. I’ve found the whole situation about the Queen and new King much more emotional than I ever thought I would.

  3. Lovely back to school photo, hope the kids had a good first day back. Italian seems to have the most bizarre sentences on Duolingo! The Queen’s death was such a shock. I thought the King’s first address was incredibly moving – it must be so hard for him having to get on with being King and not having much space to grieve. #project365

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