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#Project365 2023 week 7

Day 42: Zach was devastated that the school topic of Victorians has finished so I furnished him with some Horrible Histories books. The historian in me is soooooo proud!

Day 43: progress on my cross stitch is slow as Chas won’t let me do more than a few stitches a day!

Day 44: the cousins had a sleepover and demanded a walk with the pups in the morning, so here are my motley crew!

Day 45: looking so grown up after her hair cut!

Day 46: another day, another walk! But this one was a bit spooky due to the mist and low sun

Day 47: a welcome arrival! We’ve only been without a washing machine for a week but it felt like forever!

Day 48: Friday already and the early morning temperature was over 10 degrees so I couldn’t resist my first run of the year!

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  1. Well done Zach for being so interested in history and Anya does look so grown up with her haircut. I bet you were glad to get a new washing machine. I couldn’t imagine being without ours. x

  2. Lovely that Zach wants to find out more about the Victorians. Hope he enjoys the Horrible Histories books. Love Anya’s haircut – it does make her look more grown up. So nice to have a washing machine again. I can imagine the week without one must have felt like a very long time! #project365

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