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#Project366 2020 week 14

Day 89: some relaxation time with Wordsearch Junior that we were sent to review

Day 90: starting Monday in crazy style with pants on his head…

Day 91: I never thought the activity of weighing things to try to find something that weighs the same as a heart would be so enjoyable! We missed Skyping my mum and dad as the kids were so engrossed!

Day 92: I managed to dig out my cross stitching and get going on it again. I want to do a large design but am doing Christmas cards for now


Day 93: I let the kids stay up so that we could go out and clap for key workers and show our appreciation (our neighbours opposite are paramedics)


Day 94: we trundled out to the garden to take some pics for a blog post but Ollie decided the blanket was for him instead!

Day 95: Happy Easter holidays kids! We bought a Nintendo Switch and finally revealed it to them today!

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  1. We love weighing activities too. Brings maths to life doesn’t it. Exciting they have a switch. N rarely uses his xbox as he prefers roblox (yawn!).

  2. The Wordsearch Junior game looks great. A fab way to do a bit of learning.
    The cross stitch looks great.
    Aww! Ollie looks so comfy there on the blanket.
    Have fun with the Nintendo Switch x

  3. Awww love the pants-on-the-head photo ! Reminds me of when my kids were small. Why do they do that ?! lol. Lovely to see them all playing together and obviously having so much fun together 🙂 xx

  4. a great time to be doing cross stitch cards, Christmas comes round quicker every year and we are already into April. The cross stitch I am currently doing will be for Christmas.
    Weighing is a lot of fun and great to do maths with in many ways
    hope they get a lot of fun out of the switch.

  5. Ha ha what is it with pants on the head! I took a photo of Kipper doing exactly the same thing last week. Sounds like the kids have had lots of fun. And what a great Easter treat. I hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  6. The pants on the head photo made me smile, what a happy infectious grin! I bet the kids are delighted to get Switch. My younger one keeps asking me to buy it for him. How lovely to see children so engrossed in the educational games. Your cross stitch is pretty, and it’s a good idea to start on Christmas cards early.

  7. My kids would love a Nintendo switch, I am thinking about it, and if it will be worth it.
    We are also reviewing that game, it’s fun, so far.
    Pants on head is totally normal, is it not?

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