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#Project366 2020 week 24

Day 159: Anya had a socially distanced playdate with a friend walking around a local pond which desperately needs some rain!

Day 160: crazy bearded child, the realisation that he isn’t Santa? No idea what he is thinking about!


Day 161: Anya designed part of a Lego castle for home learning

Day 162: Matthew worked really hard on his home learning this week and wrote a tour guide for a castle

Day 163: some girly time, dressing up and doing make up

Day 164: Anya decided to slob out in her PJs after school work, time to chill on the PS4

Day 165: hopper fun! Check out the competition to win your own


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  1. How lovely that Anya had a playdate with her friend. It’s good they can finally do it now.
    hehehe! It looks like Zach was having fun with in the bath with the bubbles but what a serious face.
    It looks like the kids have been working hard with their home learning.

  2. N was writing tourist stuff last week for school too. Great that you could arrange a walk with Anya’s friend. I really should try and organise something for N with one of his friends – riding bikes or something.

  3. Lots of great castle ideas this week and very cute bathtime pick. I had forgotten all about space hoppers I use to have so much fun on those as a child. Hope they had fun on the playdate I know mine are really missing their friends.

  4. How lovely for Anya to be able to see her friend. The bearded child made me smile, he looks so deep in thoughts, as if solving the world problems. The castle guide lesson sounds fab. Lovely photo of the space hopper in mid-jump.

  5. I bet that pond is re-filled after the horrendous weather this week! Fab Anya got to socialise with a friend though, I think kids are really starting to feel it now, they definitely need interactions with their friends!
    Slob days in your PJ’s… or onesies are the greatest, especially after doing school work (or indeed any work!)! Hope you have all had a lovely week! Sim x

  6. Looks you have had a nice week with lots of variety, my boys had a social distanced walk with friends and it really cheered them up. Socializing with friends has been something all the children have been missing the most I think. Anya what a fab idea chilling in your PJ’s! We all need time to rest and recuperate.

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