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#Project52 2024 week 3

Well it’s certainly been a chilly one this week! Most days have not made it above freezing and the nights have been -6! My word of the week seems to be ‘layers’ as I have repeatedly nagged the kids to layer up to stay warm: why won’t they do up their coats/wear hat or gloves???
The working week was super busy so I indulged my new addiction to Monopoly Go! during the weekend 🙂 However, the charm is starting to wear off as I’ve lost 200 million to other players in the last 2 days and my progress has stalled 🙁
I hope you have all kept warm and enjoyed the week!


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  1. I am glad that it’s warming up again. It has been that cold my teenager has been wearing a coat and wrapping up well which makes a nice change.
    I saw your post about Monopoly Go and did think about downloading it but it will be just another thing to take up my time. hehehe

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