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April A to Z gluten free vegetarian treats: O is for overnight oats

I am not a fan of breakfast. I usually stick to cereal and find them a bit uninspiring. I don’t have much to a sweet tooth (despite my A to Z telling you the opposite!!!) and would prefer a fry up but too much effort! I do like porridge especially on cold winter mornings…
Overnight oats are the latest trend and this is my first attempt… I have used ingredients from my store cupboard that I have used in other recipes this month (or plan to!)

50g oatsĀ  (mine are not gluten free because I have a wheat allergy not specifically gluten. Gluten free oats are available)
100ml milk
5 tablespoons yoghurt (I used natural yoghurt which made the oats quite sharp, next time I would used flavoured or sweeter yoghurt or add more honey)
1 tablespoon honey and a couple of drops vanilla extract

Stir everything together
Place in a jar (apparently this is popular!) or other lidded container. I used a bowl and cling film!
Chill overnight then enjoy.
This serves one person but was quite a big portion. It could easily be multiplied which I think I will have to do as the kids stole most of mine!


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