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International Day of the Midwife (Friday 5th May)

Thank you! Midwives do an incredible job. You may have read my accounts of Matthew, Anya and Zach‘s births and know that each time was very different. Thank you to the 3 main midwives that safely delivered my three babies. It was all in a day’s work for you but it changed my life forever. […]

Birth number 3

Zach’s birth had a lot to live up to after the ease of Anya’s. It didn’t 🙁 Everything was planned to coincide with the Easter holidays and therefore my break from all three school jobs. He was due on the first day of the holiday. He didn’t come. I waited…and waited…and waited… until I had […]

Birth number 2

Now this is my favourite birth. I didn’t really believe it was happening and kept thinking it was going to get a lot worse. I woke in the early hours with vague contractions but just went back to sleep. In the morning while feeding Matthew his breakfast, my parents were laughing at how I was […]

Birthing partner

This was awful! Nearly a year after having Matthew, my sister was due to give birth and she chose me and her husband to be birthing partners. I can honestly say it was worse than giving birth myself. Having to watch someone you love be in excruciating pain is simply awful. When her waters broke […]

Birth number 1

I have tried to block it out but there may be some women out there feeling anxious about childbirth and I’d like to reassure you that – compared to what comes afterwards – it’s easy! I have been insane enough to do it THREE times and each one was unique. Let me start with my […]