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Happy birthday to me! (almost)

This week I will become the grand old age of 37, woohoo! 40 is on the horizon! Last year I wrote a bucket list of things I like to achieve or complete before my birthday or 40 at the absolute latest. How have I been getting on? Well to be completely honest, I’d totally forgotten […]

NOT an Easter bucket list!

In my calendar of post plans, I had noted down to write an Easter holiday bucket list. I love bucket lists as they are a great way to focus on things to achieve within a limited time period. However, the vertigo is still restricting me a lot (will it ever go?!) so trying to plan […]

Autumn Half Term: how did it go?

Amazingly, half term has been and gone! I have no idea how it is already over! You may recall that I set our family a bucket list of things to do… so how did we get on? Rubbish actually, oops! The time completely ran away from me 🙁 Right then, let’s confess to the failures! […]

Autumn half term bucket list

OK so somehow the first half term of school has finished! I have absolutely no idea where the last 7 weeks have gone. How can little Anya be a sixth of the way through Year R already? I am really looking forward to having some time with all three children and I’m sure Zach can’t […]

Goals (Blogtober day 7)

I recently had my one year blogiversary and was immensely proud of everything I have achieved in the first year of blogging. I also had a bucket list of things to do before I’m 40 and a summer bucket list of things (which I mostly completed, yay!)   Every month I sit down and look […]