My very own website!!! Yikes!

Happy birthday to me! (almost)

This week I will become the grand old age of 37, woohoo! 40 is on the horizon!

Last year I wrote a bucket list of things I like to achieve or complete before my birthday or 40 at the absolute latest. How have I been getting on? Well to be completely honest, I’d totally forgotten about the list so there is a good chance that many still aren’t done!
  • Have an espresso. Ooh I did actually do this one! And it was horrible so I won’t be doing it again! I had one at Blog On Xmas last September.
  • Go to Wimbledon to watch tennis live. Nope πŸ™
  • Try wine tasting. Nope πŸ™
  • Visit Disneyland Paris. Nope πŸ™ but I think we have planned to do this next year as a late honeymoon with family
  • Research more of my family tree and visit some of the places my ancestors lived. Nope πŸ™
  • Attend a festival. Nope πŸ™
  • Have a mojito and a margharita (or other cocktails). Nope πŸ™
  • Eat tapas. Nope πŸ™
  • Visit Wales and Scotland. We are heading to Wales in July! Maybe Scotland next summer.
  • Go to a blogging conference and meet up with other bloggers! Mega success on this one: Blog On Xmas, Blog Camp On Board, Blogosphere Christmas Festival, London Blogging Event, Blog On X.
Still some way to go so I won’t add any new ones on this time πŸ™‚
Anyway, it is better to give than to receive so here is a giveaway of some Avon goodies for one lucky reader. Good luck!

Avon goodies!


  1. You still have 3 years to cross some of the other ones off your list. I recommend going out tonight and ordering a margarita (or 2)! Make sure you go to a place that uses fresh lime juice. They are so much better than the ones made with pre-mixed stuff.

  2. That’s a fantastic bucket list, all totally achievable too. Keep going with the espresso. My wife couldn’t stand them a few years ago but trained herself to like them and has never looked back. Oh and Disneyland Paris is amazing! #GlobalBlogging

  3. That’s a good list! I’d get to work on it – you’ll have a lot of fun (and I need 2 espressos first thing or I can’t function, so that’s an easy one for me!) #GlobalBlogging

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