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Hair Secretz hairbrushes and sharing time with my daughter

Anya sometimes suffers from middle child syndrome so loves it when we are able to spend some time being girly together and letting the boys get on with their dinosaurs and trains! This time usually involves make up and hair styling. This is slightly ironic as I rarely wear make up despite my plans to […]

July beauty highs and lows

Avon Anew Essential Youth Maximising sheet mask I like a face mask, usually as a bathtime relaxing treat. I decided to try a sheet mask for the first time ever! The mask comes in a sachet and I was a little surprised at how wet it was and how much liquid was left in the […]

Happiness is…

Cuddle Fairy Becky has inspired me to think positively this week. She has a weekly positivity post on her blog as well as a Facebook group to encourage and inspire others. I do not think of myself as a naturally happy or positive person. In fact, I would describe myself as a disappointed optimist. I […]

Hair today, gone tomorrow

My body has changed quite a lot after having 3 children. My hair is one area that I don’t really give much consideration. Apart from hunting for those elusive grey hairs which hide away and then reveal themselves flamboyantly by sticking out at right angles to my head 🙁 Apart from when Zach pulls out […]