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Unusual crushes #Blogtober day 21

Donald Trump. JOKING! I had you scared there, didn’t I?! My first crush was when I was 10 on my male class teacher who I absolutely idolised and through my teens I developed crushes on most of my male teachers (except for the geography teacher with rampant eyebrows!) There may have been an infatuation with […]

Love #Blogtober17 day 12

Love is such a powerful emotion. When I first held my children, the rush of love was so intense it was a little bit scary. It was also a complete shock as I’d never known love could be that strong. I said to my parents in those early days that I was worried because it […]

Date and dates (Blogtober17 day 4)

Going on a first date is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences ever! Waiting for your due date is almost unbearable. As a history graduate, remembering dates is crucial. Dates are important, they govern our lives, make us stick to plans, give us something to aim for. They can trigger happiness or despair depending on […]