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Good clean fun with antibacterial slime!

*I received this item for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. Slime. Kids simply love it! Antibacterial slime. Kids AND parents will love it! In these days of frequent hand washing and using sanitiser, Canal Toys have come up with an idea to combine cleaning hands with fun. Letting kids be […]

Easter fun with Yolkies

Toy surprises, edible slime, could anything be more perfect for kids? Add in Easter and the current lockdown… introducing Yolkies from Bandai! I was absolutely thrilled to receive this Easter hamper including chocolate treats, an Easter bonnet and Yolkies! Plus the wicker hamper is AMAZING! The toy characters are cute, food themed and there are […]

Glam Goo: slime gets fashionable!

I’ll be perfectly honest that I am not the biggest fan of goo/slime/putty. The kids LOVE it! Which is why the neon orange science putty Matthew has is now a rather repulsive brown colour and we have stains on bedding and carpets 🙁 Glam Goo offers an exciting alternative to normal putty or slime: you […]