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KumiKreator friendship bracelet making set

My memories of making friendship bracelets mainly surround me walking around with threads pinned to my skirt or trousers while spending ages braiding.
Friendship bracelets in the 21st century have come a long way since then!

The KumiKreator set has a machine that is easy to use and braids in seconds. The set includes enough thread and clasps to make 10 bracelets of varying designs and colours.

See my video for how simple it is to assemble and use:

After filming and editing the video, Anya got on and successfully made several bracelets all by herself. I had worried that it might be too fiddly or complicated as she is only 5 but the set is aimed at age 8 plus, but she had no problems and in fact might have found it easier to put the spools in due to her having smaller fingers than me!

We did have one tangle where the spools got confused but it was easy to follow the YouTube video to sort it out quickly and easily.

*We were sent this set for the purpose of this review. All photos and video are our own.


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