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L.O.L. doll review

Anya’s latest obsession is L.O.L. dolls. She spends hours watching videos on YouTube and has a couple of her own. In fact, I bought her a doll and pet for being good when we went away to Manchester for the bank holiday.
What she didn’t know was that I was given an L.O.L. surprise at Blog On X as well!

Anya was so excited to have another fun character to add to her collection.
So what is an L.O.L. doll?
Well, the simple answer is that is much more than just a doll. There are 9 surprises included in the ball and the doll is the final reveal. You start by removing the outer layers of plastic wrapping and between the layers is a clue to the doll contained within, a ring water tattoo and some stickers.
When you reach the ball itself you need to open the compartments to get clothes and accessories.
Then you find the ribbon and pull! Confetti rains down!
Finally you open the doll and collectors’ checklist.

The dolls have different characteristics. They all drink water from their bottle and then they can cry, spit or wee! Some can colour change in cold or warm water but the 2 dolls that we think should change don’t!
Each doll has a unique outfit with shoes and relates to their name. The doll that Anya got here was called Sleeping B.B and came with pyjamas and a sleep mask.
Anya is absolutely desperate to get one of the big pearl surprises which was the first thing I set my eyes on when I went to the brand den at Blog On. It does look fun…

*I was kindly given this doll for the purpose of this review. All opinions, photos and videos are my own.


  1. We have a done a few LOL doll openings on my YouTube page. As a grown up I do NOT see the fun in these dolls. And after you’ve opened them and played with them for 10 minutes, then what? We have them lounging on the girls dressers and they almost never do anything with them. They are definitely not my favourite toy-of-the-moment.

  2. My two love LOL dolls and I must admit have a few between them (presents, mostly from grandparents). Its just something else for parents to waste their money on before the kids move on to the next thing! That said, the kids do play with them…

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