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LOL Biggie Pet review

OMG Anya LOVES LOL! That’s a lot of capital letters in one sentence 🙂
The Biggie Pets series is slightly different to the usual LOL dolls as you know what the main toy is when you buy it. You can see the pet through the carry case ball but I didn’t realsie that the pictures on the box were also the characters you get.

There are over 15 surprises in each Biggie Pet set. It feels like more! This is the contents just from opening the box, before we’d even started looking inside the big toy!
The surprise element to this set is the babies which are hidden in the sand: there could be one or two pet babies or food charm babies. The babies do not relate to the main toy so it doesn’t mean that you will get the same as we did.

The set comes with a pair of pink lense glasses for reading secret messages on the box and in the surprises (such as jokes)
The accessories for the toys such as the collar can also be worn as a bracelet for the child which is a nice added extra

Anya absolutely adores anything LOL and the Biggie Pet is a brilliant addition to her collection.

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*I was sent this set for the purpose of this review.


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