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Making jewellery with Gel A Peel

A few months ago, Anya got creative with her Nail A Peel set and for her birthday she was sent a Gel A Peel set to make jewellery including necklaces, bracelets and earrings (not long until she doesn’t have to wear studs anymore!).

The concept is the same as with the nail set: you design and create your own ideas using the gels provided (others are available separately but 3 were provided in this set). There are different tips to make different shapes and textured. The set included flocking powder which can be sprinkled on before the gel sets.

The gel is applied to a plastic sheet so that it can be peeled off when dry. The base is transparent so that the template can be seen though it to guide the design. Anya wanted to have a go freeehand to start off with but then used the template.

This set is ideally aimed at children aged 8 plus so Anya was slightly on the young side but she was still capable of making her own designs and following the instructions and template independently.

My only concern is that you do need to make sure the gel is thick enough to prevent tearing when peeling off the base or using as jewellery. Anya was anxious to add more detail and colours but you need to be careful to allow one colour to partially dry before adding the next.
This is a fun set to get children creative and think about fashion and design: Anya loved it!

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*We were sent this set for the purpose of this review


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