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Feeling inspired at VegfestUK, Brighton

Last weekend, we enjoyed a day trip to Brighton to support my vegan lifestyle. We began with a trip to Vegan Foodilic and then headed to VegfestUK.
I’ll be honest I was slightly unsure what to expect as I have never been to an event like this before. On the car journey, I was a little concerned about bringing the children along as some vegans are quite militant and there could have been graphic displays of animal cruelty.

I was relieved and delighted to see that the majority of the exhibition focused on the personal and global positives of a vegan lifestyle. The variety was brilliant for educating about the possibilities for an animal friendly future.

There were so many food stalls and the samples were delicious. We have found a host of new products to look out for instore and online! The children honestly couldn’t believe that there were no animal products in any of the wonderful things they tried.

A real highlight was chatting to the stall holders and comparing notes on our vegan journeys, and I received lots of encouragement for my next focus on sustainability and a single use plastic free life.

I did speak to one activist group and loved their passion for animals, mankind and our planet. Personally, I would not take part in any activism but am mindful of the awareness these groups raise.
After the event, I was hugely relieved that we weren’t exposed to the idiot outside who was eating a raw pig’s head in protest at veganism. His disrespectful actions actually had the opposite effect to what he intended and has put some meat eaters off meat!
Overall, the whole visit to VegfestUK was inspirational for our everyone in our family; giving me fresh ideas and normalising veganism for the children.

*I received complimentary tickets for the purpose of this post


  1. Wow! Who knew that vegan food could look so delicious? I recently began to cut out all meat and reduce my use of dairy products due to health concerns (high cholesterol). Veganism is looking very appealing to me right now.

  2. why do poepl have to protest in such a vile manner? The guy eating the pigs head is an idiot and should be ignored. I’ve noticed quite a few vegan restaurants and stores opening here in Dubai the last few months #globalblogging

  3. It looks great and as a vegetarian I am very happy to hear that the man eating the pig’s head outside actually managed to put some people off eating meat altogether. Fantastic ha ha! #globalblogging

  4. As a meat eater myself I abhor the pig eater for doing that. Not only is that extremely disrespectful but come on! Just because you don’t live the Vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to insult it. Not to mention how very unhealthy that is to be eating raw pork. Disgusting! And I hope your children didn’t see that or if they did they aren’t traumatized by it. Just know that not all meat eaters believe your lifestyle is wrong. It’s interesting because my 12 year old an I had a conversation about the Vegan lifestyle. We both agree for our selves that eating meat is our choice but we also understand why people choose to live the Vegan lifestyle. I’ll be honest, I don’t know that much about it but anything that speaks for our planet and living peacefully with other creatures we share this planet with I am all for. Kudos to you and I’m glad you and your family had a great time! #GlobalBlogging

  5. What a great event to attend! I’m a meat eater but believe in respectful behavior on both sides – that protester was wrong. Just as wrong as vegans screaming murderer outside a steakhouse. So glad you had a wonderful time and found new products to look for and support your diet! #GlobalBlogging

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