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Days out

A family day out at Beale Park

Beale Park is one of those places that we have driven past many times on our way to visit friends or going somewhere else. With sun in the forecast we decided to make the most of the good weather and planned a trip. We bought our tickets online in advance and arrived as it opened […]

Chocolates for Chocoholics Ultimate Chocolate Workshop

One of the highlights of blogging has been the broadening of my horizons and the challenge to try new things. As I showed yesterday for My Sunday Photo, this weekend I have attended a chocolate workshop, something I never would have tried due a lack of confidence in myself and my ability! I was invited […]

#MySundayPhoto mmm chocolate!

I was invited to a chocolate extravaganza by a fellow blogger 🙂 Chocolates for Chocoholics has started to offer chocolate workshops and here I am proudly showing my name that I wrote in chocolate. More photos of my other creations to follow later!

Track Party, Basingstoke: traintastic!

Last year I spotted Track Party advertised near my sister in Basingstoke and was desperate to go but the tickets had all sold out 🙁 This year a fellow blogger pointed out that it was running again, yay! Actually, Track Party runs at various locations in the south of England throughout the year (take a […]

Scoring The Best Holiday Freebies: How To Get Something For Nothing!

Are you getting ready to go off on holiday and you want a few freebies before you leave? Or, are you interested in saving as much money as possible to make the trip affordable? Money is a little tight for us this year as we are getting married! We also have a family holiday booked […]

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