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STUPID stuff I used to believe before kids

I have always been desperate to have children. I thought I knew it all. Then almost 7 years ago my life changed completely with the arrival of a little person with no instruction manual (or too many?! judging by the number of books and websites on parenting!) Below are some of the ridiculous and frankly […]

I have turned my son into a criminal

The Highway Code for cyclists rule 64 clearly states ‘You MUST NOT cycle on a pavement’ (use of capitals is theirs not mine!). Today we were almost knocked into by 3 teenagers on their way to school. They were riding their bikes on the pavement. I understand. I really do. I wouldn’t want my children […]

UK Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week 1-7 May 2017

I have seen many powerful messages this week across social and regular media. I debated whether I had anything that I could possibly add that would seem valuable in light of the strength shown by these mothers sharing their stories. I have heard accounts that are tragic. Inspiring. Humorous. Heartbreaking. Thought provoking. My story isn’t […]

Yes You Can! by Cheryl Rickman

Imagine being told you are wrong to like something. Now consider that we are sending that message to our kids every time we make gendered assumptions about them. I admit I am guilty of that. Anya’s Christmas presents were a mass of pink packaging. She plays with the ‘girl’ dolls and toys on her own […]

Are 3 kids easier than 1? The food example

All that hard effort in the kitchen is definitely more worthwhile when you have 3 kids: they can’t all be picky about the same thing can they?! (Very rarely yes 🙁 , but let’s brush over that!)