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IoW2017: The Needles

  I think (but I’m not sure) that the children are being needles in this photo… We arrived here very early and got started on the rather lengthy walk to get as close to the Needles as possible. What I didn’t realise was how much there was to do at the Needles in terms of […]

IoW2017: Blackgang Chine

Well this trip can be summed up by Matthew’s announcement at 10.30 (half an hour in) that this is the best place EVER! We arrived as it opened and headed straight for Area 5, the dinosaurs. It was amazing. Hidden speakers projected animal sound and the animatronic dinosaurs were fascinating. The dilophosaurus is my particular […]

Saturday 12th August World Elephant Day and World Middle Child Day

This day was destined in the stars for my little Anya. She is my middle child and obsessed with elephants! She is a force of nature. She is thick skinned and determined. She is controlled by the matriarch, the oldest cow (me). No, wait, that’s elephants, I’m getting confused… Here are a few elephants facts […]

Aldi’s summer fun on sale now!

Yesterday morning I had my delivery from Aldi of the order I placed last week. I love Aldi special buys and always check on a Thursday morning to see what the latest offers are. It is so easy to get bulky items delivered to your door for free! So today is the first day of […]

School’s out for summer!

School’s over for another year! Hurrah! And with the end of term, Matthew said goodbye to infant school and Anya bade farewell to preschool 🙁 I think I was more emotional than they were! Of course it helps that Anya will be starting at the infants in September and Zach will start preschool next year […]