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Wedding Wednesday: Wingz review

Time to cover up. I am not a fan of strapless tops and if I’m brutally honest I have bingo wings. Many wedding dress designs are strapless including the one I received from JJ’s House. Wingz offers a range of solutions to help cover the arms and suit every style. There are fitted and flared […]

Genius Chocolate Chip Breakfast Bakes

I am always on the look out for new wheat free vegetarian snacks so was excited to spot these in Tesco last week. Genius is a great brand and I love their products so couldn’t wait to try these biscuits. My first impression was disappointment though as there was a lot of packaging and the […]

Balance Active Formula products

Back before Christmas, I treated myself to some goodies from and was really excited to try the Balance Active Formula range which I had heard loads about! To be honest I was initially a little underwhelmed by the products. I think my expectations were too high. The serum was just like water but absorbed […]

Star Wars X Wing Drone

Now you may know that I am a teeny little bit of a Star Wars fan. So is Chris. So are my parents. So are my kids. I became the most popular person in my house when Maplin delivered a Star Wars X Wing drone just before Christmas. EVERYONE was majorly excited! I am not […]

Scary Peeper for Halloween: review and giveaway!

Now if I say this is the most revolting, grotesque thing I have ever been sent to review, then you could be excused for avoiding it…But don’t! On this occasion it is actually intentional! I was sent a Scary Peeper to try out in advance of Halloween and it would also be fun for practical […]

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