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Year 2 SATs: what my heart and head are telling me…

My tiny little bundle of joy is now a hulking great 6 year old (nearly 7) and is about to take his first government organised tests, known as SATs. My heart says he is too little to be judged, labelled, become a statistic. My head tells me that this could help him by allowing the […]


I was tagged in the #20factsaboutme yesterday on Instagram so thought I’d share on my blog too! Thanks to @littleheartsbiglove for tagging me to write #20factsaboutme A post shared by Laura Beresford (@loopyloulaura) on Apr 26, 2017 at 1:03am PDT My life is not going the way I planned in any way! I used to […]

Sainsbury’s Free From Pecan Tarts

I am not a nutty person (I can hear my sister spluttering over that 😉 and Chris also sniggered) By which I mean I don’t really eat many nuts so I admit to being a little dubious about trying these. My uncle and aunt bought these for Zach’s birthday party and they are delicious, I […]

World Penguin Day

Who knew?! Since I started blogging I have discovered loads of celebrations that the world has to acknowledge the wonderful planet we inhabit. Chris’ first reaction was ‘the chocolate bar’ I thought about the book company (which also makes Ladybird books, I didn’t know that!) And while these are something to celebrate, I think the […]

Shyness: an open letter to the other mums on the playground

Hi Ladies We are nearly at the end of our journey through infant school together. Some of you I have never even spoken to and I’m sorry. I may seem stand-offish or even rude. But actually I am very socially awkward and shy. Some of you are glamorous and wear make up and designer clothes. […]