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The Lost Mother, by Catherine Hokin

On her deathbed, Peggy’s adoptive mother reveals a photo of two women, one of which is Peggy’s birth mother. Peggy sets off to discover the truth after identifying one of the women as celebrated actress Louise Baker. The Lost Mother is set over two timelines. We have Peggy’s journey for the truth in the 1950s […]

My Mother’s Secret, by Julia Roberts

Danni’s difficult relationship with her mother Diana worsens when her mum is diagnosed with dementia and breast cancer. Diana reveals that she had a stillborn son but is convinced he didn’t really die. Is this her mental deterioration or the truth…? My Mother’s Secret is a very emotional book that centres around family dynamics. Danni […]

#ParentPower blog linky 16

Hello! #ParentPower hopes you are all safe and well. Did you have snow? You don’t need to be a parent to join in but family friendly posts are essential. Have you any parenting hacks, recipes or gift ideas to link up with us? What books or days out have you enjoyed recently? Have you got […]

The Things We Don’t Say, by Ella Carey

The Things We Don’t Say is a painting by groundbreaking modernist artist Patrick Adams. The only portrait he ever painted of someone he knew. The sitter was the love of his life, Emma Temple. Now aged 90, Emma cherishes Patrick’s memory so is devastated when an art dealer claims that it was in fact painted […]

The Newlyweds, by Arianne Richmonde

  Vivien and Ashton have been married just 6 months. The perfect wedding and the perfect couple. But Vivien’s friends and therapist soon suspect that there are secrets in the marriage when bruises start to appear on Vivien… The Newlyweds is an intriguing book with a mystery at its heart. From the start, I had […]