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Running Out Of Road, by Cath Staincliffe

  A girl kidnapped by her father. A drug dealer teen on the run. A housesitter, wallowing in the past. A young PC desperate to impress. A seasoned DS on the hunt for a killer. Five lives that blend together… Brilliant, what a book! Running Out Of Road is a wonderfully written novel where the […]

#Project365 2021 week 29

Day 199: love this photo of Anya being crazy and Mum’s face in the background 🙂 She actually sellotaped it to her forehead! Day 200: the start of the final week of primary school for Matthew. He allowed me to walk a little way in with him Day 201: first school sports day for Zach […]

The Witness, by John Ryder

Savannah has gone into witness protection to save her life but now she is threatened. Her mother hires private investigator Kyle Roche to track down Savannah and protect her. Can he find her and keep her alive past the deadline…? The Witness is an action packed crime thriller set in the US. There is plenty […]

Matthew: Goodbye primary school and thank you!

Things are a teeny bit emotional in our house this week as Matthew completed his final days in primary school. Things ended two days early as his bubble burst Wednesday night at 8pm 🙁 So, the little bundle I gave birth to is moving to secondary school! Time for a look back 🙂 Year R. […]

Getting Away With Murder, by Joy Wood

One man, a wife and a mistress. A deadly plot to remove a rival. Max Maric is happily married as far as his wife Claire is concerned, although perhaps he’s working too hard. He is hoping for a merger of his spa business with that of his mistress Annabelle but she refuses to start dealing […]