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Exploring Battle Abbey and the Battle of Hastings battlefield

Our last day out of summer was to Battle to visit the Abbey and the battlefield which was the scene of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The site is run by English Heritage and we had free entry due to our membership. The Abbey’s magnificent gatehouse hosts an exhibition about life at the site […]

Dirty Little Secret, by Jonathan Peace

  TRIGGER WARNING: this book deals with child murder Yorkshire in the late 1980s. Louise Miller is preparing to start her new job as a female detective constable when she discovers a murder victim in a phone box. She is instantly on the case, searching for justice for the victim. However she also needs to […]

Whisper Cottage, by Anne Wyn Clark

Stina and Jack are newlyweds and now expecting a baby. Stina feels uneasy about a stranger spotted in her elderly neighbour’s garden but is more disturbed by the unkind attitude of the local community towards old Mrs Barley… Whisper Cottage is a sinister psychological thriller which deals with the occult but also the secrets we […]

#MischiefAndMemories blog linky 30

Say welcome back to #MischiefAndMemories, yay!!! I hope you had an absolutely wonderful summer! Last week was a big one is our house as Matthew started secondary school, yikes! Anyway, our blog linky is back! Mischief And Memories is all about your family and lifestyle posts so come and link up! We want: – Connecting […]

The Trapped Wife, by Samantha Hayes

TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains child murder, rape and domestic abuse GP Jennifer Miller is adjusting to life as a widow when she discovers she is pregnant. The baby is the result of a drunken night out so she is shocked when the father appears in her consulting room. Scott soon forces his way into […]