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Murder in the Blitz by F.L. Everett

1940, Edie is keen to rise through the ranks at her newspaper but, even during a war, being a woman holds her up. She is promoted to obituarist but it is the crime reporter role she really wants. Helping out a colleague, she witnesses a death but was it suicide or murder? Murder in the […]

#Project365 2023 week 38

Day 260: a week of rain ahead so tried to give the rabbits and guinea pigs as much time outside as possible while the sun shone Day 261: another birthday shopping trip for Anya Day 262: 11, how is my baby so grown up?! She got her own mobile phone and we’ve barely seen her […]

The Family Guest, by Nelle Lamarr

The Merritt family welcome foreign exchange student Tanya into their home and family. But while mum Natalie sees her as their lost daughter, Paige instantly dislikes her and disbelieves her story about her background. Who is Tanya really? The Family Guest is a psychological thriller and family/domestic drama set in LA. The Merritts lost their […]

Deceit, by Casey King

Danielle Lewis left her family and disappeared to London a decade ago after being shot at and losing her unborn child. Now she is back and re-enters her family’s criminal network. But can she find out who was responsible for her attack? Deceit is the first book in a new family drama and gangland crime […]

The Glovemaker’s Daughter, by Shari J. Ryan

TRIGGER WARNING: Holocaust and Nazi brutality 1943, Raya is sent for Ravensbruck but she is sure there has been a mistake. But when she is tattooed, shorn and disinfected, reality hits home… The Glovemaker’s Daughter is an historical book about the occupation of France by the Nazis. Raya owns a leather shop in war-torn Paris. […]